What People Are Saying About Nick Joanow

Nick Joanow has long been an extraordinary urban environmental advocate for Bloomfield and the region at large.  His knowledge of the issues, passion for people and the environment, and his tenacity to better his community have made a powerful positive impact on many projects.

Nick spearheaded the preservation of a 6-acre natural area along the Third River – one of the remaining open spaces in Bloomfield. His integrity, along with that of his colleagues at the Third Riverbank Association, was also a key to bringing outside funding to Bloomfield for this acquisition. For this reason Nick and his colleagues were recipients of Baykeeper’s Grassroots Environmental Stewardship Award.

Nick along with the Bloomfield Mayor and Council have also forwarded the acquisition of the 10-acre Scientific Glass parcel that will help absorb stormwater from an existing floodway while providing a variety of open space amenities.

This bold project will benefit public safety, the environment, and community recreation.  It also provides an excellent statewide model for post-Sandy resiliency for heavily developed communities suffering from flooding and severe stormwater runoff.

These are among the many reasons that I have both enjoyed and benefitted from working with Nick Joanow during the past 12 years.

Greg Remaud
Deputy Director
NY/NJ Baykeeper

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I would like to thank Nick Joanow for the unrelenting dedication to protecting the floodplain at Liongate. Nick persevered during times when others would have thrown in the towel and said enough is enough. He witnessed first hand the devastation that flooding causes and knew that it was important to do what he could to stop development on a flood plain. I do not know how he continued to fight for this, because he had to deal with some pretty terrible things.

Bloomfield will be a hugely better place because this land will be preserved for perpetuity. While many people were in the bunkers, it is due to his efforts that the council finally made it a reality. For those figuring out how to advocate for an issue, understand that he has attended just about every council meeting since 2000 when the Third Riverbank association was started. He knew that making township leadership aware of this issue was key; fortunately, the right leadership came in to make this happen. Thank you Nick.

Susan Hebert
Bloomfield Township Open Space Trust Fund Committee

(Organization is listed for affiliation purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the organization)

Thank you Councilman Nick Joanow for caring about Bloomfield's seniors by facilitating the "Seats for Seniors" at the Summer of Fun Concert series in Brookside Park. Those of us residing in Kinder Towers who were able to attend had a WONDERFUL time! Your kindness and concern for Bloomfield's seniors is spreading as I write this and will not be forgotten. Thanks again....

Elaine Trucksess

Top Five Reasons to Re-elect Second Ward Councilman Nick Joanow:

  1. If you don’t, he will knock on your door. All kidding aside, in the past six years he HAS visited every home in the Second Ward at least two or three times to listen to constituent concerns, address their problems, or simply to help a family in need.
  2. He has relied strictly on grass roots fundraising, accepting no contributions from vendors, contractors or others who might financially gain from his election.
  3. He can take the heat. For the past 15 years Nick has waged a Herculean fight to keep developers from building more than 140 homes on the Scientific Glass site, a FEMA-designated high-hazard flood zone. The sharpest attacks sometimes came from his own party, but he stayed his course in this and in many other instances when others would have caved.
  4. County and state legislators are keenly aware of his popularity so they pick up the phone when he calls.
  5. He is a public servant in the truest sense of the word: He loves his work.

Mary Shaughnessy

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